Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VT Grammar

I hate to make light of the VT massacre. While I am horrified at the actions of the gunman and the tragedy that ensued, I am also chagrined at the grammar and writing of a Dateline corrospondent Hoda Kotb. Her article indicates that she has Orange and Maroon blood, but no skills as a journalist. I'm appalled.

Her first sentence should be three sentences.
Her first paragraph ends with a preposition.
Her reference to school colors mispells "their".
Most of her commas should be periods or semi-colons.
She's "really hopeful".


Kristi said...

Mom would be so proud that you noticed these grammatical errors.

Your so smrt. S-M-R-T.

Kevin said...

I checked this article today. The mispelling of "their" was removed completely. All the other grammatical mistakes remain.