Friday, March 30, 2007

Boston Marathon Runners...

Lets all applaud Suni Williams. She's an astronaut for NASA who hasn't had an inter-state kidnapping and attempted murder charge. She's qualified for - and has decided to run in - the Boston Marathon.
However, she won't be in Boston next month. She actually won't be anywhere on the planet next month. Suni Williams is currently in-flight at the International Space Station. She's decided to run on a treadmill.
She's also not planning to be awake at the time of the race. Her sleep schedule is on Russian time, so she'll most likely run the race at another time.

Let me recap... she's running the Boston Marathon at another time, and in another place.

I'll be running the Boston Marathon as well, however, I will most likely be watching a baseball game in my apartment at the time, so I'll run it later on a treadmill somewhere outside of Boston.

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Edward Wolf said...

That's the best way to run a marathon. You avoid all the traffic.