Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ice Storm

Just in case you thought that the only problems in this world came from the Democrats, the illegal immigrants, the taliban, or the Good Humor man...

Now it seems that God is trying to kill people in Florida.

A large chunk of ice fell from the sky in Tampa. It landed on a Mustang GT completely crushing the roof of the car.

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The-Toddler said...

I think Bush should hold a National Announcement warning us "to be vigilant of large ice chunks dropped by aliens if you drive a Mustang. This is a new form of WMD that can wipe out a stud-mobile." Then he can raise the threat level for a month until this "20,000 additional troops to Iraq debate" is over. The news stations would have 24/7 coverage of the sky and Mustangs decked out with their logos & sponsors all over it. It could potentially keep the American people distracted from real problems.

I think I need to call Rove and give him this idea.

great post.