Monday, January 22, 2007

Hell in a Handbasket

Here's my first post for my weekly Hell in a Handbasket blog.
This is where I intend to post my weekly articles that list how and why our society is going to hell in a handbasket.

This idea was first introduced in an article about the racism on Big Brother that I wrote for my orinal blog.

Be sure to check back to read information about Sen. Clinton's run for the Whitehouse.


The-Toddler said...
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The-Toddler said...

Sorry about the mis-post above.

We are basically neighbors geographically.

You are on to something here. I have felt for years that society is in some sort of downfall. The original subject you wrote about shows how ridiculously out of control society has gotten. Since when could a stupid spat between two people become the business of the Prime Minister. So I guess we should be expecting W. to step in between Trump and Rosie any day now. Didn't national leaders used to step in when their were labor disputes, genocide, famine, natural disasters, etc. I guess those days are gone.

Neal Stephenson wrote a book called "Snow Crash". In the story he describes a society in which Government has switched to a conglomerate of corporations where people are living in public storage units and "jacking" into a "metaverse". (have you heard of second life, inspired by the book)

A society where a pizza delivery being over 30 minutes results in horrible consequences for the delivery person and tremendous publicity and fortune for the individual who was inconvenienced by this horrific event.

This generally accepted intolerance of one another has gotten out of control and is leading us into a world that will be so unstable...actually we're already unstable...aren't we?

Kevin said...

Thank you, toddler.

Alright, people... this is the kind of posting, replying, discussion I'm looking for!

In reply to your comment: hopefully, Rosie has moved on to criticize those more deserving (like the American Idol judge-base).
Also, yes, I have heard of Second Life. For those of you that have massive amounts of time that you have trouble filling, you should check it out.

For those of you that have trouble putting your children to bed (I have an 8 month old daughter myself), you should check out The Toddler's site (see my links on the right). While this is not an indication of the downfall of society (my wife and daughter are the only reason I haven't climbed a clock tower with a high caliber rifle), at 2:00 am a child that will not sleep often feels like the outlying suburbs of hell.